A2 Transporter

A2/A4-Designed for performance with effortless loading


A2 Transporter, Car Transporter by Brian James

The New Transporter range represents the ultimate evolution in trailer design. With a strong, durable galvanised chassis, low bed height and a range topping 2600kg gross capacity. Transporter trailers are perfectly suited for vehicle recovery, professional transport and motorsport alike.

Transporter trailers are available with load bed lengths from 2.70m to 5.00m, in single or twin axle variants. All feature internally stored ‘easy glide’ ramps and a flush fitting centre deck.

 Download A2/A4 Transporter Spec Sheet

A2 Transporter - Trailer Specifications

Product Code Load bed Length Gross Kg Load Kg Internal bed width Overall Length Overall Width
125-1010 2.70m 1,300 865 1.80m 4.24m 2.18m
125-1011 2.70m 1,500 1,060 1.80m 4.24m 2.18m
125-1110 3.20m 1,300 815 1.80m 4.74m 2.18m
125-1111 3.20m 1,500 1,010 1.80m 4.74m 2.18m
125-1120 3.20m 1,300 805 2.00m 4.74m 2.38m
125-1121 3.20m 1,500 998 2.00m 4.74m 2.38m
125-1211 3.70m 1,500 973 1.80m 5.24m 2.18m
125-1221 3.20m 1,500 968 2.00m 5.24m 2.38m
125-1301 4.00m 1,500 965 1.70m 5.38m 2.08m
125-1311 4.00m 1,500 960 1.80m 5.54m 2.18m
125-1312 4.00m 1,500 955 2.00m 5.54m 2.38m

Standard Features

  • 12" Wheel Size, 1 Axle.
  • Storage bed locker (front) with automatic lift lid. Internal size: 425 mm length, 90 mm depth, width dependent on chassis load bed width.
  • Numberplate Integrated within the rear chassis, numberplates can be quickly changed.
  • High grip, glide out ramps.
  • WARRANTY 5 Year chassis warranty.


  • Storage bed locker (central) Large lockable central storage locker, with automatic lift lid. Internal size: 620 mm length, 180 mm depth, width dependent on load bed width.
  • Manual 2 speed winch 2 speed auto brake winch, the cable pully can be quickly adjusted, 6 different positions are available.
  • Electric winch Powerful 12v, 4500 Ibs capacity electric winch, with remote contol lead.


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