Race Transporter Series 5

Race Transporter-Driving force, enclosed transport

RT5 Electric Winch

Race Transporter Series 5


Race Transporter Series 5, Car Transporter Trailer by Brian James

Enclosed transport overview

The new Race Transporter models are designed to enhance all aspects of the enclosed trailer concept. With significantly more usable interior space than market competition, plus modern edge styling and new construction methods, Race Transporter moves the concept on again.

As important as what has been added, is what is not. Despite increased sizes and more space, extensive use of aluminium throughout plus lightweight composite body panels has enabled us to reduce weight and therefore fuel consumption.

Standard equipment on Race Transporter 5 and 6 models includes side access doors in the form of an asymmetric pair on each side, all models feature large hatches towards the front, making access to the trailer straight forward. LED lighting now features for Race Transporter 5 and 6 models, having full compatibility with ECU controlled towing vehicles. Race Transporters are highly visible improving safety on the road. Each model can be specified to a unique specification exactly suiting your requirements

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Race Transporter 5

Additional choice

Race Transporter 5 features a high standard specification to provide a working platform for any operator whether commercial or private. RT5 can be ordered in a choice of lengths, widths and capacities. The low bed, wheels to the side chassis provides stable and safe towing. All RT5 models feature a hydraulic-tiltbed operation, together with a full width ramp door. The resulting loading facility is suitable for most sports or race cars. Standard equipment also includes asymmetric doors on both left hand and right hand sides, a pair of forward hatch doors, a remote control electric winch and various loading and securing equipment. Full details of standard equipment are provided later in this guide.

Race Transporter 5

Product Code Internal Load Length Load bed width Gross cap. Kg Load cap. Kg
375-1010 5.0m (16ft 5) 1.98m (6ft 6) 2,600 1,420
375-1030 5.0m (16ft 5) 2.12m (7ft) 2,600 1,400
375-1050 5.0m (16ft 5) 1.98m (6ft 6) 3,000 1,820
375-1060 5.5m (18ft) 1.98m (6ft 6) 3,000 1,800
375-1070 5.0m (16ft 5) 2.12m (7ft) 3,000 1,800
375-1080 5.5m (18ft) 2.12m (7ft) 3,000 1,780
375-1090 5.0m (16ft 5) 2.12m (7ft) 3,500 2,250
375-1100 5.5m (18ft) 2.12m (7ft) 3,500 2,200

Overall trailer dimensions:

  • Race Transporter 4 and 5 models
  • OVERALL LENGTH 5.0m version = 6.60m
  • OVERALL LENGTH 5.5m version = 7.10m
  • OVERALL WIDTH (over wheels) Internal load bed 1.98m = 2.36m
  • OVERALL WIDTH (over wheels) Internal load bed 2.12m = 2.49m



Standard Features and Customisation Options

  • Loading equipment - Electric winch, 12v with remote control and lead. 4,500 lbs capacity, roller fairlead, cable and snap hook. Electric winch, remote control via radio control system. Full width, fully adjustable wheel-stopbar.
  • Safety equipment - Heavy duty tie-down straps with special wheel sling system. 5 tonne limit. Swivel hooks and ratchets. 4 kits provided.
  • LED Lighting equipment - including front markers, side markers, stop, tail, direction indicators, fog lamp and reverse lamps.
  • Interior lighting equipment.
  • Washing station - A self contained hand wash station with the ability to hold and maintain warm water.
  • Additional reverse lights.
  • Alloy wheels - 10" alloy wheels available on Race Transporter 6 models only.
  • Mover system - 4 wheel drive, radio remote control system.
  • Side windows - Darkened acrylic windows in the front section of the body.
  • Daylight roof - Take advantage of natural daylight with a translucent roof option.
  • Work station and tyre rack.
  • Central storage - Dimensions: 2.40m x 0.80m x 0.22m Tray is standard on Race Transporter 6.
  • Front storage - 1.62m x 0.52m x 0.195m on Race Transporter 6 only.
  • Aluminium deck section - Weight reduction includes replacing steel with aluminium.
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