T Transporter

The T Transporter range is fit for professional vehicle transportation naturally, but crucially also allows operators to make use of the most up-to-date transportation equipment and practices. Commercial as well as private transport applications have been catered for. Every operation is simple and efficient. Providing for any eventuality T Transporter can be configured with the ultimate in low loading equipment. Combine the benefits of a hydraulic tilt-bed with long, high grip loading ramps to provide loading angles as low as 5°. Supercars, sports cars, off-roaders or vans - every eventuality is easily and safely catered for.

Professional, Adaptable, Colourful

The T Transporter is configurable in a choice of 4 highly durable body colour panels; Poppy Red, Anthracite Grey, Sargasso Blue and Jet Black.


Loading Options

Loading ramps

Upgrade to 2.35m loading ramps for lower loading angles. Ramps can be used on both flat-bed or tilt-bed operation trailers.

Front cross-over ramps

Loading a towing transporter and its trailer is quick and easy without needing to unhitch the trailer. All required fixtures ramps are provided as standard, meaning you can upgrade at anytime.

Assistor ramps

Pair of lightweight assistor ramps for ultra-low loading.

Rear support stands

Provide support when loading heavy equipment from the rear. Stands are not required on tilt-bed operation trailers.

Manual winch

Manual winch with auto-brake and a removable handle for free-spool release of the cable. The centrally located and articulated pulley block ensures every loading operation runs smoothly.

12V high capacity electric winch

Electric winch, by a standalone 12V power pack, available separately. Full remote control operation with free spool and roller guides.

Wheel chocks

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