CarGo All Plant Tilt-Bed

A specialist with a low approach



A specialist with a low approach.

The CarGO All Plant Tiltbed extends the capabilities of the outstanding All Plant range, offering the same carefully designed commercial trailers to operators of low, heavy and difficult plant machinery.

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Successful plant and machinery transportation is reliant on having the right trailer for the job. When there are a variety of machines or applications to cater for the brand new CarGO All Plant Tiltbed range is the right solution. The robust and durable design is obvious at first sight and once in use, so is the depth of expertise in the chassis and design detail. Traditionally difficult machines are easily transported.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable punched ramps are standard on the All Plant Tiltbed, each ramp can be positioned independently across the full width in seconds.
  • Reinforced anti slip deck ensures that destructive equipment such as rollers and mini diggers will not cause structural damage.
  • ACME thread clamps. Silent locked – the loading tail ramp is held in place with secure clamp fasteners. A rubber buffer is part of the system and provides damping for quiet travel.
  • Adjustable punched ramps provide low loading angle for all types of vehicles. Each ramp can be positioned across the full width in seconds. Constructed from galvanised steel, punched for high grip. Unique nylon hinge sleeves eradicate unwanted rattles.
  • Gas spring assisted tail ramp ensures that lifting operation regulations are easily met.
  • Side lift handles for your convenience.
  • Robust protection provided to rear lamp clusters.
  • Spare wheel mounted on the side.
  • Front marker lamps.
  • Rope hooks / slots. Multiple attachment hooks and slots along both sides and front for securing loads.
  • Galvanised steel chassis. Strong and light.
  • Jockey wheel. Auto retractable heavy duty jockey wheel. Features anti vibration latch.
  • Powerful hydraulic pump and ram.
  • Locking pin safety device.
  • Mudguards are fully integrated into the chassis for total durability. High grip surface offers operator safety.


  • Twin ramp 'knife edge' loading panel with gas spring assistance. The loading panel has all the benefits of a full panel and provides durability for tracked machine transport. The ramp facilitates a low loading angle.
  • Tie-down straps heavy duty, set of 4 for easy and secure fastening of machinery.
  • Machine stop bar Set up to provide consistent load positioning.
  • Removable high mesh sides add 0.80m to the height of the sides. These are a popular option for carrying bulky loads. The individual extension panels unclip with minimal effort and are designed to maximise strength with minimum weight.
  • Purpose designed bucket rest – convenient positioning for digger bucket.
  • Eye coupling – 40mm. Available for applications in which a pin and eye coupling is required.


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