CarGo All Plant

Constructed to get the job done



Constructed to get the job done.

CarGO All Plant epitomises the Brian James Trailers approach to providing solutions.

There is nothing included that is not needed and nothing left out that is.  CarGO All Plant simply does what you expect. It works hard, long and safe.

Striving for perfection is part of the Brian James Trailers way. In order to find your perfect trailer you can choose from a wide range of All Plant models, from a tough single axle right up to a super robust tri-axle version.

Civil engineering, building and plant machinery transportation is tough work. It requires a trailer capable of withstanding impacts, extreme wear and tear and at the same time be able to cope with varying maintenance schedules.

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Of particular interest to all operators is the highly stable towing resulting from correct weight distribution. The deck features an extra central support that even heaviest machinery such as road rollers can't damage. The tough and durable phenolic bonded industrial ply wood has a mesh grip pattern surface.

CarGO All Plant models provide the flexibility of a general purpose trailer that can handle loose materials just as well an extensive range of machinery and equipment

Standard Features

  • Independent suspension offers superior ride characteristics and long-term durability.
  • A strong rear support stand provides a stable loading experience.
  • Protected lighting system is well protected by the strong chassis surrounding the units.
  • Reinforced anti slip deck ensures that destructive equipment such as rollers will not cause structural damage.
  • ACME thread clamps. Silent locked – the loading tail ramp is held in place with secure clamp fasteners. A rubber buffer is part of the system and provides damping for quiet travel.
  • Rear support 'kneel' bar ensures a stable and safe loading experience.
  • Number plate holder provides quick release facility, without fasteners.
  • Long drawbar provides plenty of space for digger arms.
  • Jockey wheel. Heavy duty jockey wheel. Features unique retractable wheel, lifting clear to provide enhanced ground clearance.
  • Cast steel locking head. Integrated coupling lock. 
  • Mudguards are fully integrated into the chassis for total durability. High grip surface offers operator safety.
  • Side steps around the All Plant trailer provide easy and safe access to machinery. Highly visible side chevron markings and anti-slip surfaces are also fitted to the steps.
  • Spare wheel supplied with all CarGO trailers.
  • Heavy duty bearings. Sealed wheel bearings for reduced maintenance.
  • Rope hooks / slots. Multiple attachment hooks and slots along both sides and front for securing loads with ropes and straps.


  • The optional twin ramp loading panel incorporates 'knife edge' design with a tapered side for safety, with gas spring assistance.
  • Tie-down straps heavy duty, set of 4 for easy and secure fastening of machinery.
  • Purpose designed bucket rest is ideally located for digger buckets.
  • Heavy duty mesh ramp. Welded mesh and aluminium checker plate. Strong with good grip plus a low loading angle.
  • Purpose designed bucket rest is ideally located for digger buckets.
  • Eye coupling – 40mm. Available for applications in which a pin and eye coupling is required.
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