CarGo Tipper 2

Operator benefits


CarGo Tipper 2

Operator Benefits

The brand new CarGo Tipper 2 range follows the development of Brian James Trailers design philosophy and brings with it real advances in all important areas. For example user operation is enhanced by having a unique 270 degree hinged rear door set, a fastener free deck area with steel lined and highly reinforced composite sub-structure as well as a unique new side extension system to name a few. Add to this a highly competitive market price, renowned Brian James Trailers quality and the result is a highly compelling package.

CarGo Tipper 2 is a versatile trailer, capable of transporting heavy bulk materials, large machinery, or even low ground clearance mowers among hundreds of other applications. Sharing the same core strengths as the rest of the Brian James Trailer range, the CarGo Tipper 2 is equally at home on highways, byways or backroads. The product range is all electric operation with remote control, battery isolation, jump lead power backup and audible warnings as standard. The range offers options and accessories to specify your trailer to suit the exact job at hand. Every detail of the new CarGo Tipper 2 trailer operation has been given considerable attention and is now we believe among the very best in Europe.

Standard Features

  • Tough, durable and low-friction bed surface combined with a high tilt angle of nearly 60° means that materials will conveniently discharge. A reinforced bed also ensures that heavy objects will not cause damage.
  • Easy securing tie-down points located on the bed.
  • Side hinged rear doors fold back, are easy to operate and provide a unique solution.
  • Spare wheel mounted under body.
  • Cast lockable coupling for extra security.
  • HD Jockey wheel.
  • Storage box is ideal for keeping remote control conveniently to hand.
  • Protected lighting system is well protected by the strong chassis.
  • Galvanised steel drop down sides with spring loaded latches are fully removable for easy access.


  • High grip punched ramps (1.8m or 2.35m) can be positioned together or separately for loading.
  • Ladder rack or rack can be easily position along the body.
  • Extended sides panel allow greater volume and are easily removed.
  • LED multi-volt lighting.
  • Electric winch for effortless loading of heavy rolling items.


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